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Ferret launches next generation leak location system

Ferret launches next generation leak location system

Ferret Technology has launched the FLL-SYS-01-A, the next generation of its leak location system.

The Ferret system uses a simple hydraulic principle to pinpoint leaks to within a few millimetres along a pipeline using the existing water pressure in the pipe to drive the Ferret Head forward.

It uses hydraulic forces to push this inflatable plug down the length of the water pipe under investigation; the plug acts like a moveable valve, stopping automatically when the plug passes a reasonably sized leak because some of the water pressure pushing the plug along the pipe is lost through the leak.

The new model features modifications based on industry feedback and changes in other technology; the new unit is designed to be lighter, manually operated, self-serviceable and more affordable than the previous model.

Ferret’s new system also has the option of adding a locator sonde just behind the leak detection head to better assist site crews with pin-point precision location of any leak to within a few millimetres.

It comes with inlet and outlet connection hoses, a universal coupler kit for 15-35 mm diameters, a pack of 3 Ferret Heads, a carry bag for ease of storage and transport of the equipment and other accompanying equipment.

The system has been designed using food grade polyurethane materials and is only 310 mm long by 270 mm wide by 370 mm high and weighs just 10.5 kg, making it highly transportable and useable by a single operator.

It works with a maximum inlet pressure of 10 bar and an outlet pressure of maximum 5 bar and requires a minimum working pressure within the test pipe of 0.5 bar to work effectively.

“The first Ferret system won both the ‘Most Innovative Technology of the Year’ and ‘Outstanding Innovation 2012’ at the WET News Water Industry Achievement Awards and has since also won the Institute of Water Award for Innovation in 2013,” said Ferret Technology Managing Director and Co-Founder Richard Ingham.

“Since then we have been working hard with our colleagues across industry to develop the system to where we are today.

“Without the co-operation of the industry and the feedback from the field that we have been given, the latest developments included in the new version of our Ferret Leak Location system would not have been possible.

“We now offer a product that is easy to use, light to handle and gives leak location accurately to within a few millimetres, offering the leak location teams within water companies and independent contractors, the opportunity to achieve far more in a shorter time at much lower cost than with any other leak detection options.”

For more information visit the Ferret Technology website.

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