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Pipeline Renewal Technologies releases sewer repair white paper

Pipeline Renewal Technologies releases sewer repair white paper

Pipeline Renewal Technologies has released a new white paper examining factors to consider when choosing repair techniques.

The free white paper discusses the elements taken into consideration when choosing between spot, or point, and end-to-end, also known as manhole-to-manhole, repair methods.

This includes considering the type and extent of damage, access constraints, adjacent environmental features, line criticality and more.

The paper also explores the benefits spot repair can provide to municipalities and utilities in certain situations, as well as common misconceptions that ultimately cost cities money and time.

“Municipalities must work to apply only the most targeted and cost-effective methods of repair and rehabilitation,” said Pipeline Renewal Technologies Partner Manager Jordan Eickelberger.

“Not understanding the full range of options can limit their effectiveness.”

Envirosight Marketing Coordinator Nicole Lygo said that the paper was intended to be a resource for municipalities considering spot repair.

“We wanted to provide municipalities with a resource for identifying the areas where spot repair can be utilised for greater advantage.

“This paper walks readers through the factors to consider when deciding between end-to-end and spot repair, giving them a framework for making the best choice for their budget and their collection system.”

The paper was published as part of Pipeline Renewal Technologies’ commitment to create and share resources that benefit the pipeline rehabilitation industry.

For more information visit the Pipeline Renewal Technologies website.

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