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GSSI releases miniaturised GPR antenna

GSSI has released the Palm XT, a miniaturised ground penetrating radar (GPR) antenna to enhance the capabilities StructureScan™ Mini XT.

The handheld antenna allows the industry standard Mini XT to act in a more advanced capacity, allowing operators to scan overhead and in tightly spaced areas.

The Mini XT is used for locating rebar, conduits, post-tension cables and voids, identifying structural elements and determining slab thickness in real time.

The 2,300 MHz antenna is designed to increase GPR capabilities in construction areas, and features a remotely controllable user interface, software integration, and also offers standard mode, cross polarisation mode and sidecar mode for data collection.

Cross polarisation mode highlights non-metallic objects, such as PVC, and deemphasises metallic objects, while side car mode transitions the survey wheel to the side of the antenna and allows it to fit into smaller spaces.

For more information visit the GSSI website.

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