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Aussie Trenchless Supplies’ SRP EXP rehabilitation system sent to South America

Aussie Trenchless Supplies has celebrated the first overseas export order of its unique spiral lining system, SRP EXP, with over 15,000 lineal metres on its way to South America.

Aussie Trenchless Supplies has for the first time exported its innovative spiral lining system, SRP EXP, to an international client in South America. The next generation system provides the perfect solution for the rehabilitation of circular sewer and stormwater mains.

Aussie Trenchless Supplies Director Chris Meredith says the shipment included more than 15,000 m of the liner, the application of which will result in a new PVC pipe within the old pipe without the need for excavation.

SRP EXP is a third-generation spiral lining system that has been re-engineered and reformulated using lead-free PVC to ensure that contractors have the best opportunity to succeed when installing a profile liner. It is a close fitting, structural spiral ribbed PVC trenchless pipe lining system designed to provide high-holding torques, with low expansion torques and low wire pulling tension.

SRP EXP is the perfect rehabilitation solution for circular sewer and stormwater gravity pipelines sized DN 150 to DN 1,200. It is aimed at trenchless contractors who practice sewer and stormwater rehabilitation.

SRP EXP is installed using a unique winding machine and cage assembly. After positioning it in line with the pipe being rehabilitated, the winding machine continuously drives the profile around the cage to produce a pipe within the existing pipeline. A feature of this spiral lining system is that the pipe produced in the manhole is of a smaller diameter than the existing pipe and so is easily installed through displaced joints and slight bends, followed by expansion to tightly fit the host pipe internals.

Mr Meredith says his first international SRP EXP order is a great milestone for the company and the product. He adds that while the client has purchased the system outright, he has also offered the option to hire the spiral winding equipment from December 2017.

“The first international order shows that the SRP EXP liner is a truly world-class rehabilitation product. The 15,000 m shipment is in addition to over 50,000 m of the spiral liner that has been installed across Australia and New Zealand since it was released earlier in 2017,” said Mr Meredith.

“SRP EXP has now proven itself to be a proven and available Trenchless Technology solution to rehabilitating DN 150 to DN 1,200 pipelines. I look forward to the continued success of the product, as holds up to the demands of the industry around the world.”

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