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WATCH: Perma-Liner releases no-dig sewer repair video

WATCH: Perma-Liner releases no-dig sewer repair video

Perma-Liner has released an informative video, featuring President and Founder Jerry D’Hulster, exploring the repair of sewer pipelines using a Perma-Liner™ system.

The Perma-Liner lateral lining system is a trenchless liner designed to rehabilitate and repair pipe with a diameter of 2 to 8 inches (51 to 203mm).

The liner facilitates the relining of 2 to 4 inch (51 to 101.5mm) diameter pipes can up to 120 feet (36.6 m) long, while 5 to 8 inch (127 to 203 mm) pipes can be lined for up to 600 feet (182.9 m).

The system comprises the pivoting inverter, the camera inspection port, patented directional shoes and a scrim reinforced inversion liner.

Installation only requires one access point and is applied through a blind shot inversion process; once applied, the resin can be ambient cured in 3 hours or steam cured in 20 minutes.


“The Perma-Lateral lining system is widely used throughout North America, and the rest of the world, for relining and rehabilitating existing sewer lines,” said Mr D’Hulster.

The system can be used to reline a variety of tradition line materials, including pipes made of cast iron, clay, PVC, Orangeburg (bituminous fibre pipe), asbestos cement, and wood.

“The Perma-Liner system is designed to go in where the pipe is defective; maybe it has infiltration – water infiltration, root infiltration, there’s pieces of pipe missing.

“There could be a whole pipe missing; as long as there’s a pilot hole, we can reline the pipe and create a new line inside the pipe.

“So once our liner is in place ­– cured, hardened – the existing pipe does not make up the structural properties of our new liner.

“Our liner is manufactured, and it is certified by NSF Standard 14 and it covers many plumbing codes across the industry.”

In the video, Mr Hulster discusses how to determine if a pipe is a candidate for the system, what equipment will be needed, the use of the Perma-Cam to complete a visual inspection on the interior of the pipe, before covering the installation process.

Perma-Liner Industries has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and material in North America since 1999, developing trenchless rehabilitation systems for existing sewer systems.

For more information visit the Perma-Liner website.

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