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Metro Rod uses WinCan systems to support drainage works

Metro Rod uses WinCan systems to support drainage works

Brighton and Gatwick Metro Rod, one of the largest draining services in the West Sussex region, has recently used a range of WinCan pipeline inspection systems to support its drainage works.

WinCan software provides sewer inspection data that is comprehensive and insightful, while also allowing contractors to make real time management decisions based on that data.

The system is designed to be standards compliant, with strongly supported coding standards and strict data validation protocols in place.

The reporting function combines range of visual elements – schematics, graphs, images and more – for easy readability, while also providing customisation options and templates for the contractor to deliver the appropriate reports to each client.

Reports are available on the WinCan Web system, allowing both clients and contractors to access reports from any computer shortly after a survey is completed.

“We find this system easy to use, it looks professional and allows us to use all WRc standards which gives clients the peace of mind that they are using quality contractors with quality products,” said Metro Rod Managing Director Tony Jeeves.

“Since we have been using WinCan VX and WinCan Web we have found a significant saving in cost of printing off reports and the burning of DVDs is a thing of the past.

“We have also found a time saving as our engineers no longer need to bring in the USB sticks into the office for download as this is sent via WinCan Web directly from site to our or our customers’ computers in their offices within minutes of the survey being completed.

“This has helped us to be able to deliver reports to clients the same day if requested without affecting any disruption to our business.

“So, from our point of view we can carry on earning rather than losing time,” said Mr Jeeves.

“This software enhances our customer experience by being able to send the completed survey report to the customer live from site for clients to view the video and read the report on any PC, laptop, Mac or indeed mobile phone which offers great cross platform usability.

“We can then talk to customers over the phone as they review the report and discuss any further work/repairs that maybe required.

“This presents the opportunity to resolve the issue in one visit saving the customer both time and money and reduces any potential inconvenience the issue is causing onsite.

“This is a huge advantage for both the customer and ourselves.”

Speaking on the relationship with Metro Rod, WinCan’s Paul Woodhouse said, “It has been a great experience working with the team at Brighton and Gatwick Metro Rod – Metro Plumb.

“To see that the industry-driven design features that we have put into the latest software packages are meeting the demands required by the modern CCTV survey industry just drives us on to keep improving what we feel is already a highly practical and user-friendly system for both contractor and client.”

For more information visit the WinCan website.

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