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PipeHawk releases e-SafePRO

PipeHawk has released the e-SafePRO, a new all service avoidance tool utilising ground penetrating radar (GPR) for underground utility location.

The new e-SafePRO.

The e-SafePRO is set to be the flagship of the PipeHawk e-Safe range, incorporating an auto data hold feature, three deployment methods suited for diverse site conditions, an updated Chronos masking feature and a ‘TrackBack’ depth estimation enhancement feature.

The new features allow it to retain a more detailed view than previous versions, operate in a broader range of site conditions, give greater clarity about underground service routes and make it more intuitive to use.

PipeHawk has announced that is now possible for operators already using e-Safe systems to upgrade existing systems to the latest specification.

The display is colour coded to make the survey data easier to read.

Significant changes have been made to the e-Safe system since its launch at No-Dig Down Under in Sydney, Australia in 2013; over the years, PipeHawk has added an off-road feature, a standalone variant, and a range of supervisory features including a downloadable operator log, a power on self-test, and an automated service log.

For more information visit the PipeHawk website.

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