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Tower ad- Aug – Sept 2019

Company utilises vacuum excavation in Florida

A Florida-based company, SignCrafters, has used a Vac-Tron vacuum excavator to complete a 0.9 m diameter and 2.4 m deep sign installation hole at a medical centre in Leesburg, Florida.

The installation took only 40 minutes to complete, including the time taken to set up and break down the machine.

A challenge for companies installing commercial signs is the risk of causing debris to litter a public or shared space or accidentally causing damage to underground utilities.

Vacuum excavation was able to eliminate the issue of debris by storing excavated materials in a tank for easy dumping or filling.

It also removes the need for hand digging, keeping workers on the surface and traditional digging tools away from utilities.

“A utility friendly way to dig,” said SignCrafters of Florida President Dennis Martin.

“When digging for posts using a Vac-Tron, you don’t have to worry about breaking utilities and slowing down your project.”

For more information visit the Vac-Tron website.

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