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HOBAS releases details on product development

HOBAS releases details on product development

27 March 2017 , , , 0

HOBAS has released details of two major product developments to its range of glass fibre reinforced (GRP) pipes, including the launch of its new Top Performance Pipe.

The new HOBAS Top Performance Pipe features a durable inner protective layer, made of polyurethane resin, the thickness of which can be individually customised for each project.

The special layer ensures the pipe is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and impacts, while its smooth inside surface enables excellent hydraulic performance and prevents sedimentation.

They are suited to a broad range of applications, from main sewers and sewers with retention functions, to drainage pipelines with very high slopes, culverts, efficient pressure pipelines, and industry applications.

HOBAS also announced that it has further improved it’s centrifugally cast GRP pipe (CC-GRP) to suit a variety of applications.

The thickness of the inner layer of the new HOBAS Top Performance Pipe can be individually customised for each project.

The wall structure of the pipes can be customised for special project conditions, while comprehensive testing at the HOBAS TechCenter in Austria has confirmed their unique performance in long-term deflection and strain corrosion test settings.

The “next generation” of pipe has been redesigned to improve wet creep factors, and features a new resin used in its production that further improves its durability and impact resistance; the new transparent inner liner also improves bonding with the structural layer.

HOBAS Managing Director and CEO Claus Brun said “Our Top Performance Pipes are a top-of-the-line product and I think it’s safe to say that there is hardly any challenge they can’t cope with.

“And our next generation of GRP gravity pipes is ready for a wide range of future projects to come.

“We have always offered a premium product, and thanks to the thorough market analysis and technical know-how of our HOBAS experts, we have now managed to raise our quality level even further,” he said.

For more information visit the HOBAS website.

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