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RELINEEUROPE celebrates milestone

RELINEEUROPE celebrates milestone

18 January 2017 , , 0

RELINEEUROPE UV has celebrated the delivery of its 50th unit, which will be used for trenchless sewer renovation.

Since being established in 2009, RELINEEUROPE has manufactured and supplied 50 UV curing systems for companies worldwide.

Berlin-based civil engineering firm Frisch & Faust Tiefbau GmbH took delivery of the machine, and is also the first to use the REE400 system in a renovation vehicle.

The system is capable of curing solely with UV light due to an overall light output of 24,000 w, with a UV light curing hoseliner and high wall thickness of up to DN1800.

The REE400 is capable of curing a 110 m long DN800 sewer in one hour, or two hours for 103 m of DN1400 sewer.

For the first time, the system also features technology which results in an automated curing process.

RELINEEUROPE builds systems to suit each customer’s specific requirements, including:

  • Different systems based on the desired application
  • Large-dimeter rehabilitation
  • Mobile flexibility on site
  • Vehicle add-ons designed for the customer’s product

The REE400 also comes equipped with assistant-controlled curing (ACAS) which results in less workload for system operators, with initial speed, puller feed speed, light output and internal liner pressure all being configured automatically.

The curing process is automatically stopped using the ultrasound sensors which have been integrated into the UV light source.

RELINEEUROPE products come with the support of its service team, made up of electrical technicians and mechanical engineers, available worldwide.

For more information visit the RELINEEUROPE website.

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Images courtesy of RELINEEUROPE


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