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Flow-Liner goes nuclear in North Carolina

Flow-Liner goes nuclear in North Carolina

8 November 2016 , , 0

Flow-Liner has ‘gone nuclear’, after a certified installer provided a Trenchless Technology solution at McGuire Nuclear Station, 27 km northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The station, built by owner-operator Duke Energy in 1963, required urgent pipe rehabilitation when the contractor was contacted by the Austin Technical Services.

Flow-Liner’s cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining Inversion System was used to clean and line over 600 m of waste and water pipes.

img_0932The method successfully navigated bends and transitions, and complied with all of the power plant’s stringent security and safety procedures.

Austin Technical Services President said “The (installer) came through with a successful design and installation which precluded a lengthy and costly direct replacement option.”

For more information visit the Flow-Liner website.

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