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JSM develops new technology for removing cables

JSM has developed a new system for the removal of decommissioned underground fluid cables using Trenchless Technology methods.

NICE (Non-Intrusive Cable Extraction) has been successfully trialled as part of a collaboration with National Grid and UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), as the main method of operation.

JSM recently carried out the first successful trial of the system in an urban environment, using the technology to reduce the length of a trench from 460 m to 60 m.

The system uses ‘launch’ and ‘receive’ pits, and a cable de-bonding tool connected to a drill rig to wrap around the decommissioned cable, loosening it as the tool travels along the length of the cable.

Bentonite is also used as a lubricant to aid the movement of the tool, stabilise the material creating a shell around the cable, and provide buoyancy to the cable.

A standard winch can be used to remove small loosened-cables, while JSM has designed a headstock and mechanical arm for larger lengths of cable.

As well as fluid cables, NICE can also be used on standard power and gas filled cables.

The company claims the system will reduce excavation by 80 and 90 per cent, minimising the impact on the environment.

JSM is a utility service provider who specialises in the delivery of integrated power and communications solutions.

For more information visit the JSM website.

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