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Pipeline inspection equipment exports on the rise

Pipeline inspection equipment exports on the rise

UK-based pipeline inspection equipment specialist Mini-Cam has reported a high number of export sales with overall revenue growing by 40 per cent in the last twelve months.

This growth is good news for Mini-Cam, other inspection equipment manufacturers distributing to the surrounding European and US markets, and the Trenchless Technology industry as a whole.

The strong uptake of inspection equipment indicates a growing demand for non-destructive techniques for assessing the condition of existing underground infrastructure.

Mini-Cam is based in Warrington (UK) and is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2016.

The company designs, manufactures and distributes hi-tech pipeline inspection systems including crawler and push camera systems which are used by water and wastewater companies and their contractors to record and transmit footage during inspections.

Other clients include oil and gas, construction and engineering firms. The US market has seen the strongest rise after Mini-Cam signed up a new distributor.

The firm reported that sales have also surged in the Middle East, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Ireland, and a deal to become the main supplier to German firm Ehle-HD has fuelled growth in continental Europe.

Meanwhile Mini-Cam has also begun exporting to China. The firm now has distributors in 31 countries and expects to further expand its network during the coming months.

It has ramped up production after acquiring a second site, while staff numbers have increased from 30 to 50 in the past 18 months to meet the growth in demand.

Mini-Cam has taken 6,500 sq ft at nearby Kirkstead Way in Golborne. The building, called Innovation House, provides a larger base for the firm’s custom van-fit department, which transforms vehicles into fully-equipped mobile pipeline inspection units.

Speaking on the unprecedented growth Mini-Cam representative Nigel Wilson said “Advancing technologies always keep us focused as we look to find new technical solutions to industry problems while maintaining our commitment to provide innovative, high quality and affordable products to our customers around the world.”

For further information visit www.minicam.co.uk

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