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Increase convenience, power, speed

Installing short utility runs beneath landscaping, driveways and sidewalks can be done even more efficiently – and faster – with newly redesigned Sidewalker earth-piercing tools by HammerHead Trenchless Equipment.

Both 2.5 and 3 inch Sidewalker models received upgrades, which include the patented HammerHead quarter-turn Power Port® Reverse feature and patented Debris Free Tailcone. The 3 inch Sidewalker now has a uniform profile along its entire length, increasing striker size and boosting impact power.

The HammerHead Sidewalker has been relied on for decades by contractors to install 15-20 ft underground runs of gas, water, cable, irrigation, fiber and electrical lines in tight urban environments. Since Sidewalker body lengths are just under 34 and 42 inches, respectively, they require working pits only half the size of standard-length piercing tools.

As with other HammerHead models, the Power Port feature not only makes reversing the tool easier but also boosts impact power by up to 25 per cent.

“Efficiencies in design and pneumatics let us dial in the tool more precisely on the assembly line,” said HammerHead National Sales Manager Will LeBlanc. “That means users get the market’s most productively tuned earth-piercing tool right out of the box.”

Like all HammerHead models, Sidewalkers operate at an industry-leading 110 psi. The shorter Sidewalkers use a significantly higher impact rate to achieve performance similar to their bigger brothers in shorter runs.

Additional benefits of the Sidewalker upgrade come from innovations such as the patented Debris Free Tailcone, significantly decreasing the amount of foreign matter entering the tool body, increasing overall production and tool life.

And also as with all HammerHead models, a clamped rear anvil provides 200 per cent more clamp load than other designs yet makes tools easy to maintain, even at the job-site.

Authorized dealers can be found on the HammerHead website.

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