EXCLUSIVE: Huge Turkish tender open to global contractors

Over 70 km of relining and 3.45 km of horizontal directional drilling is up for grabs from the Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration.

Announced 1 June 2015, the tender encompasses both cured-in-place pipelining (CIPP) and fold-and-form relining in diameters ranging from 300-600 mm.

Issued by the Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration (ISKI), one of the country’s largest public utilities, the tender also calls for other trenchless techniques such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), over 10,000 lateral connections and geographic information systems (GIS) design.

The project duration is for two years and the tender is open for both local and international companies.

Interested parties should contact the Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technologies (TSITT), which is glad to assist all contractors and suppliers during the tendering process.

A tender meeting is scheduled for 24 June 2015 at 9.30 am at the ISKI Main Building in Istanbul, Turkey. For further information contact the TSITT via email.

The full scope of tendered works is listed below:

Bill of quantities

No. DescriptionQuantity
1CIPP (300 mm diameter)17.5 km
2Fold-and-form (300 mm diameter)40 km
3CIPP (400 mm diameter)3.25 km
4Fold-and-form (400 mm diameter)7.25 km
5CIPP (500 mm diameter)1.25 km
6Fold-and-form (500 mm diameter)2.25 km
7CIPP (600 mm diameter)750 m
8Fold-and-form (600 mm diameter)1.25 km
9Lateral connections10,500 connections
10HDD (300 mm diameter HDPE)2.25 km
11HDD (400 mm diameter HDPE)650 m
12HDD (500 mm diameter HDPE)150 m
13HDD (125 mm diameter HDPE)250 m
14HDD (160 mm diameter HDPE)150 m
15GIS Design3.45 km


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