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Trenchless makes it big in Turkey

Trenchless makes it big in Turkey

A successful No-Dig conference in Turkey in 2014 heralds great things in the trenchless sector for the country, which is set to host 2015’s premier trenchless event, the ISTT No-Dig, in September.

The Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology (TSITT) held its No-Dig Turkey 2014 Conference and Exhibition in Istanbul 28-31 August 2014 in conjunction with the Water Loss Turkey, thanks to the valuable support of ISTT, GSTT, the Turkish Ministry for Water Affairs and the Union of Turkish Municipalities.

Many local and international participants attended this unique trenchless event.

More than 60 exhibitors showcased the latest in Trenchless Technology in the exhibition hall and more than 2,000 visitors attended the event.

The event kicked off with a welcome speech from TSITT Chairman Yasin Torun and was followed by opening addresses from German Society for Trenchless Technology (GSTT) Chairman Jens Hölterhoff, ISTT Chairman Derek Choi and General Manager of Turkish Ministry for Water Affairs Dr Cumali Kinaci.

Five sessions were held over the first two days looking at topics including water management, water network models, leaders in water and water loss.

Trenchless presentations started on the third day. Presentations included:

  • Why Infrastructure Inspection by CCTV?
  • Trenchless Condition Assessment in Potable Water Transmission Lines
  • Successful Control Conditions for Rain Waters and Combined Flows in Sewer Networks
  • Flexible Technology for the Trenchless Rehabilitation of Pressured Pipelines
  • Long Distance Pipe Jacking Solutions
  • Local Patch Repair for Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation
  • New Generation of Light-Curing GFRP Pipe Liners
  • Trenchless Repair and Structural Reinforcement of Infrastructure Lines
  • GRP Pipe Applications in Urban Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation with Compact Pipe
  • Smart Network Management for Water Losses
  • Keeping Water Healthy, Stable and Tasty by Pipelines Safety
  • The Importance and True Application of Trenchless Technology
  • Water Loss Detection and Reduction Studies in Turkey
  • HDD work sites in Turkey and other countries
  • HDD Application: Tigris River pass – Iraq
  • Reasons of water loss in valves and things to consider in valve selection.


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