India, Ireland and Canada announce tenders

Several tenders have been announced around the world including in India, Ireland and Canada for works including sewer network construction, installation and under river tunnelling.

A tender has been released in India for engineering and designing the installation of a new underground sewer network.

The works, as part of the National Ganga River Basin Project, will include building the sewer network stretching to 198 km in length.

Proposals are due by 14 October 2014.

For more details regarding this project please view the listing on dg Market Tenders Worldwide.

A request for contractors for the trenchless installation of a water supply line has been announced in Alberta, Canada.

The proposed steel water supply line will be 762 mm in diameter and will run from the Water Treatment Plant to the residential area of Abasand, Canada.

Applications for this tender will close 25 September 2014.

The tender is available for viewing via the dg Market Tenders Worldwide portal.

A contract for the laying out, testing and commissioning of a new sewerage network by trenchless methods has been handed down in Navelim, India.

The trenchless works will also include the construction of associated manholes.

Applications must be submitted by 23 September 2014.

For further details, please view the listing on the dg Market Tenders Worldwide.

A under river tunnel project in Cork, Ireland, has announced a contract that is up for tender.

The works will include all associated construction for the under river tunnel.

Proposals are due 29 September 2014.

More information is available on the dg Market Tenders Worldwide listing.

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