Tenders announced across the US and Canada

Tenders have been issued across the US and Canada for construction, rehabilitation and CCTV inspection works using trenchless methods.

A tender has been announced for a storm drain remediation project in Virginia, US.

The work includes pipe cleaning and CCTV inspection, excavation and replacement of current piping, installation of pipe liners using Trenchless Technology and rehabilitation of manholes by replacement and installation.

Applications close 16 July 2014.

For more information please see the tender listing.

Tender applications have been invited for the cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation of a sewer main in Washington, US.

The rehabilitation of the sewer main will require trenchless methods, utilising the CIPP technique.

Applications are due 16 July 2014.

More details are available on the tender listing.

A tender has been released for the construction of a raw watermain in Minnesota, US.

The works include the application of Trenchless Technology.

Tender applications close 18 July 2014.

Please view more information in the tender portal.

A tender has been released for the installation of a watermain in Ontario, Canada.

Installation will be completed through a combination of both trenchless and open cut methods.

The tender closes 23 July 2014.

More information can be found on the tender record.

Applications are open for works on the Shadow Wood wastewater treatment plant in Kentucky, US.

The works will include the installation of sewer pipes and casing pipe by application of trenchless methods.

Tender applications are due 31 July 2014.

More details are available on the tender notice.

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