Tower ad- Aug – Sept 2019
Tower ad- Aug – Sept 2019

Trenchless tenders: Canada and India

Tenders have been released in Canada and India for trenchless rehabilitation works.

A tender has been released in Manitoba, Canada, for renewal of 150-250 mm diameter PVC watermain pipe by trenchless methods.

Submissions close 24 April 2014.

View the tender listing for further details.

A tender has been issues for sanitary sewer rehabilitation in Ontario, Canada.

All inspections and repairs are to be completed using trenchless methods.

Submissions close 25 April 2014.

Go to the tender listing for more information.

A tender has been issued in Ferozepur, India, for thrusting of MS pipe of different diameters by trenchless methods.

Submissions close 2 May 2014 and should be submitted in English.

For more information, view the tender listing.

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