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Trenchless Tenders – Ireland and India

Cork County in Ireland is inviting tenders for works undetaking a CCTV survey of the sewer system and Gas Transmission Company Limited is inviting tenders for installation of a gas pipe by horizontal directional drilling.


Cork County Council is inviting tenders for a CCTV inspection and topographical study of a number of sewers in Ireland.

The survey is part of the Whitegate/Aghada Sewerage Scheme, which ultimately requires the provision of a sewerage network for the villages of Farsid, Rostellan, Upper and Lower Aghada and Whitegate.

The aim of the survey is to investigate the existing network and to obtain data pertaining to condition, line and level of the existing sewers, manholes and pumping stations. It is also necessary to obtain topographical information along existing and proposed sewer routes.

The tender closes 10 November 2012, for more information visit the Ireland eTenders portal.


Gas Transmission Company Limited is inviting tenders for the installation of a 30 inch outer diameter high pressure natural gas pipeline by horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

The HDD will cross several rivers including the Titas, Buri and Gomti rivers.

The contract is part of the GTCE-Ashuganj to Bakhrabad Project on a design, procurement, supply, installation, testing and commissioning on turnkey basis.

The tender closes 3 December 2012, for more information visit the Gas Transmission Company Limited website.

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