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Executive Director’s report

As I write this report at the beginning of September, I am struck by the enormous amount of trenchless activity that is happening around the globe. Individual Affiliated Societies are aggressively promoting trenchless construction methods in their regions of the world. During the last part of the year, more than a dozen Societies are hosting conferences and special events to promote and highlight the social, environmental and economic benefits of Trenchless Technology.

In September

The Ukraine Society (UMATT) held its annual conference titled, Modern Methods of Construction and Maintenance of Utilities, in Odessa on 7-8 September. I have had the pleasure of participating in this conference in the past, and can tell you that the event always attracts a large number of participants who are very committed to trenchless solutions.

A little over a week later, the Czech Society (CzSTT) held its 17th Conference on Trenchless Technology in Luhacovice on 16-17 September. I was fortunate to have participated in the 2011 conference in Melnik. CzSTT conferences are highly regarded and receive strong member support.

The French Society (FSTT) hosts the first of two trenchless events in Rennes on 27 September. A second will be held in late November.

Seven societies hold events in October

The Turkey Society (TSITT) hosts its annual No-Dig Turkey 2012 Conference in Sanliurfa on 1-3 October. Both Chairman Dr Sam Ariaratnam and I will attend the conference. We look forward to visiting our friends in Turkey.

The United Kingdom Society (UKSTT) will host No-Dig Live 2012 on 2-4 October in Coventry, England. No-Dig Live is a well established trenchless event in the UK that attracts a large audience.

Also in early October, the Italian Society (IATT) is participating in a program promoting trenchless solutions titled, V Network Service Technology Days, to be held in Piacenza on 3-6 October, making a total of four ISTT societies holding events in the first week of October.

Four more societies will be holding conferences and events during the last part of October. The Austria Society (AATT) will hold its 2012 Trenchless Symposium in Kitzbühel on 16-17 October. This conference typically attracts 200-plus participants.

The Iberian Society (IbSTT) will hold its 13th annual No-Dig Show in Granada on 18-19 October. The Society is also firming up plans to host the 2014 International No-Dig in Madrid.

The China Hong Kong Society (CHKSTT) is sponsoring a presentation on Environmental Audits as a design criterion for trenchless by Chairman Ariaratnam. The event will be held on 19 October in Hong Kong.

The last of the eight society conferences to be held in October is the Australasian Society (ASTT) Trenchless Live 2012 conference and exhibition, which takes place in Melbourne on 23-24 October.

Three societies to hold events in late November

In the middle of the month, the Scandinavian Society (SSTT) will co-sponsor VandTek to be held in Odense on 20-23 November, the French Society (FSTT) will host its second France Sans Tranchée Technologies of the year on 27-30 November in Lyon. Also in November, the Japan Society (JSTT) will hold its 23rd Annual Trenchless Conference in Tokyo on 27 November.

International No-Dig São Paulo

Sandwiched between the October and late November conferences is the 30th Annual International No-Dig hosted by the Brazilian Society (ABRATT). The 2012 International No-Dig will take place in São Paulo on 12-14 November. Excitement is building for this event, which is the highlight of the year from an international perspective. No-Dig 2012 is especially significant in that it will be the first International No-Dig to be held in South America. ABRATT has done a remarkable job in putting the conference together. They anticipate a large turnout and an event with lots of energy. I look forward to seeing you there.

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