2012 ISTT Awards open

The 30th annual ISTT Awards will be hosted at the Sao Paulo No-Dig 2012 Conference and Exhibition, to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil 12-14 November. Submit your entry now!

The closing date for entries is 31 August 2012, and entries should be submitted to ISTT at {encode=”info@istt.com” title=”info@istt.com”}

Award rules and application details can be found on the ISTT website.

Awards may be made for work completed during 2011-12 in four categories as follows:

  • Academic research or training aid/course
  • Trenchless project completed
  • New machine, tool, material, system or technique introduced
  • Student or young professional paper – Members regularly enrolled in college or university, or spending at least half their time on academic coursework.

All award winners will be:

  • Recognised at the conference and presented an award
  • Featured in an article in Trenchless International
  • Added to the published list of ISTT award winner role of honour posted on the ISTT website
  • Authorised to use the ISTT logo on promotional material related to the award activity or recipients.

In addition, the winner may be afforded an opportunity to make a brief presentation on the activity that received the award at the conference, time and schedule permitting.

The student award winner will receive a small cash award and limited financial travel assistance to attend the conference.

The No-Dig Sao Paulo 2012 Conference and Exhibition is set to be the industry’s biggest event of the year. Show your support for the ISTT by registering now!

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