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About ISTT/Membership

About ISTT/Membership

13 December 2011 0

The ISTT is the umbrella organisation for trenchless technologists in over 30 countries of the world. In 30 countries, groups of trenchless technologists have their own national groups that are affiliated, while the remainder are registered directly with the ISTT.

Trenchless Technology covers the repair, maintenance, upgrade and new installation of underground utility services using equipment and techniques which avoid or considerably reduce the need for excavation. The ISTT promotes research, training and the more extensive use of Trenchless Technology through publications, co-operation with other NGOs, an annual international conference and an interactive website.

Trenchless Technology is recognised as an environmentally sustainable technology and is particularly suited, for use in densely populated urban areas by reducing disruption to peoples daily lives, social costs (traffic congestion, damage to road surfaces and buildings, air quality), noise and dust. Trenchless technologies also have a considerably reduced carbon footprint compared to trenching in most situations.

Contacts and addresses of Affiliated Societies

    China Taipei Society for Trenchless Technology (CTSTT)

    Rom 3150, 3F., No.3, Beiping W. Rd., Zhongzheng District,



    Tel: +886 2 2312 0709

    Fax: +886 2 2362 1268

    Email: anitawu@mail.water.gov.tw

    Chairman: Liao, Tsung-Shen

    General Secretary: Su, Jin-Long (steven@mail.water.gov.tw)

    Membership Secretary: Lin-Min Chiu (emily570319@hotmail.com)

    Int. Representative: Prof. D.H Jlang

    Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology (FiSTT)

    Pl 493

    00101 Helsinki


    Tel: +358 10 409 5951

    Fax: +358 10 332 6603

    Email: {encode=”mika.nevala@poyry.com” title=”mika.nevala@poyry.com”}


    Chairman: Jari Kaukonen ({encode=”jari.kaukonen@fcg.fi” title=”jari.kaukonen@fcg.fi”})

    Member Secretary: Mika Nevala ({encode=”mika.nevala@poyry.com” title=”mika.nevala@poyry.com”})

    French Society for Trenchless Technology (FSTT)

    4 rue des Beaumonts

    F-94120 Fontenay Sous Bois


    Tel: +33 1 53 99 90 20

    Fax: +33 1 53 99 90 29

    Email:{encode=”fstt@fstt.org” title=” fstt@fstt.org”}


    Chairman: Patrice Dupont (President)

    Int. Representative: Jean-Marie Joussin (j{encode=”eanmarie.joussin@hobas.com” title=”eanmarie.joussin@hobas.com”})

    General Secretary: Christian Legaz ({encode=”christian.legaz-avr@wanadoo.fr” title=”christian.legaz-avr@wanadoo.fr”})

    Treasurer: Jérôme Aubry ({encode=”jaubry@chantiers-modernes.fr” title=”jaubry@chantiers-modernes.fr”})

    German Society for Trenchless Technology (GSTT)

    Messedamm 22

    D-14055 Berlin


    Tel: +49 30 3038 2143

    Fax: +49 30 3038 2079

    Email: {encode=”beyer@gstt.de” title=”beyer@gstt.de”}


    Chairman: Prof. Dipl-Ing Jens Hoelterhoff

    Member Secretary: Dr Klaus Beyer

    Secretary: Dr Klaus Beyer

    Int. Representative: Dr Klaus Beyer

    No-Dig 2011: Dagmar Eichom

    Italian Association of Trenchless Technology (IATT)

    Via Ruggero Fiore, 41

    00136 Rome


    Tel: +39 06 39721997

    Fax:+39 06 91254325

    Email: {encode=”iatt@iatt.info” title=”iatt@iatt.info”}


    Chairman: Paolo Trombetti ({encode=”paolo.trombetti@telecomitalia.it” title=”paolo.trombetti@telecomitalia.it”})

    Member Secretary: Letizia Rinaldini ({encode=”iatt@iatt.it” title=”iatt@iatt.it”})

    Int. Representative: Alessandro Olcese ({encode=”2005emanuele@alice.it” title=”2005emanuele@alice.it”})

    Secretary: Feliciano Esposto ({encode=”esposto.feliciano@virgilio.it” title=”esposto.feliciano@virgilio.it”})

    Iberian Society for Trenchless Technology (IbSTT)

    C/ Josefa Valcarcel,

    8 – 3a PTLA.

    28027 Madrid


    Tel: +34 91 418 23 44

    Fax: +34 91 418 23 41

    Email: {encode=”ibstt@ibstt.org” title=”ibstt@ibstt.org”}


    Chairman: Alfredo Avello

    Member Secretary: Elena Zuniga Alcon

    Int. Representative: Alfredo Avello

    Japan Society for Trenchless Technology (JSTT)

    3rd Nishimura BLDG.

    2-11-18 Tomioka


    TOKYO 135-0047


    Tel: +81 3 5639 9970

    Fax: +81 3 5639 9975

    Email: {encode=”office@jstt.jp” title=”office@jstt.jp”}


    Chairman: Mr Taigo Matsui ({encode=”office@jstt.jp” title=”office@jstt.jp”})

    Executive Secretary: Yoshihiko Nojiri ({encode=”nojiri@jstt.jp” title=”nojiri@jstt.jp”})

    Member Secretary: Kyoko Kondo ({encode=”kondo@jstt.jp” title=”kondo@jstt.jp”})

    Lithuanian Association of Trenchless Technology (LIATT)

    V.Gerulaicio str. 1

    LT-08200 Vilnius


    Tel: +370 5 2622621

    Fax: +370 5 2617507

    Email: arturas.abromavicius@sweco.lt


    Chairman: Arturas Abromavicius (President)

    Member Secretary: Arturas Abromavicius

    Int. Representative: Arturas Abromavicius

    Chairman of Council: Algirdas Budreckas

    North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT)

    1655 North Fort Myer Drive Ste 700


    Virginia 22209


    Tel: +1 703 351 5252 (US) OR +1 613 424 3036 (Canada)

    Fax: +1 613 424 3037 (also Membership)

    Email: info@nastt.org


    Chairman & Int. Representative: George Ragula

    Vice Chairman: Bob Westphal

    Secretary: Ben Cote

    Treasurer: Kaleel Rahaim

    Executive Director: Mike Willmets ({encode=”mwillmets@nastt.org” title=”mwillmets@nastt.org”})

    Assistant Executive Director: Angela Ghosh ({encode=”aghosh@nastt.org” title=”aghosh@nastt.org”})

    Netherlands Society for Trenchless Technology (NSTT)

    Postbus 483

    2700 AL Zoetermeer


    Tel: +31 (0)79 3252265

    Fax: +31 (0)79 3252294

    Email: info@nstt.nl


    Chairman: Theo Everaers ({encode=”mjceveraers@evenco.nl” title=”mjceveraers@evenco.nl”})

    Secretary: Ingrid Meuwissen ({encode=”info@nstt.nl” title=”info@nstt.nl”})

    Int. Representative: Dr. Wout Broere ({encode=”w.broere@tudelft.nl” title=”w.broere@tudelft.nl”})

    Polish Foundation for Trenchless Technology (PFTT)

    25-001 Kielce 1 skr. Poczt. 1453


    Tel: +48 41 3424 450 (600328459)

    Email: {encode=”akulicz@tu.kielce.pl” title=”akulicz@tu.kielce.pl”}


    Chairman: Andrzej Kuliczkowski

    Vice Chairman: Benedykt Lipczynski

    Member Secretary: Anna Parka ({encode=”parkaa@tu.kielce.pl” title=”parkaa@tu.kielce.pl”})

    Int. Representative: Andrzej Kuliczkowski

    Secretary: Agata Zwierzchowska

    Russian Society for Trenchless Technology (RSTT)

    Moscow area, Odintsovskii region,

    Marfino, 99, 143025,


    Tel: +7 (495) 771 71 00

    Fax: +7 (495) 771 71 00

    Email: {encode=”np-robt@mail.ru” title=”np-robt@mail.ru”}, {encode=”robt@co.ru” title=”robt@co.ru”}


    Chairman: Stanislav Khramenkov

    Member Secretary: Elena Gusenkova

    Int. Representative: Andrey Sinitsyn

    Scandinavian Society for Trenchless Technology (SSTT)

    Box 7072

    S-174 07 Stockholm


    Tel: +46 8 522 122 90

    Fax: + 46 8 522 122 02

    Email: {encode=”lennart.berglund@stockholmvatten.se” title=”lennart.berglund@stockholmvatten.se”}


    Chairman: Magnar Sekse ({encode=”magnar.sekse@bergen.kommune.no” title=”magnar.sekse@bergen.kommune.no”})

    Vice Chairman: Gerda Hald ({encode=”gh@ov.dk” title=”gh@ov.dk”})

    Secretary (SSTT): Lennart Berglund ({encode=”lennart.berglund@stockholmvatten.se” title=”lennart.berglund@stockholmvatten.se”})

    Member Secretary (Danish): Tina Juul Madsen ({encode=”tjm@wtc.dk” title=”tjm@wtc.dk”})

    Member Secretary (Norweigan): Odd Lieng ({encode=”odd.lieng@rorsenter.no” title=”odd.lieng@rorsenter.no”})

    Member Secretary (Swedish): Kjell Frödin ({encode=”kjell@vretmaskin.se” title=”kjell@vretmaskin.se”})

    Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology

    Altyapi ve Kazisiz Teknolojiler Dernegi (AKATED)

    Aksaray Mah. Abdullah Cavus Sok.

    No:17/2 Fatih Istanbul


    Tel: +90 212 632 8531

    Fax: +90 212 530 1510

    E-mail: {encode=”info@akated.com” title=”info@akated.com”}


    Chairman: Yasin Torun ({encode=”ytorun@akated.com” title=”ytorun@akated.com”})

    Vice Chairman: Ahmet Gulec ({encode=”agulec@akated.com” title=”agulec@akated.com”})

    Trenchless Technology (UAMTT)

    9A R.Karmen Str.

    Odessa 65044


    Tel: (380 482) 356305

    Fax: (380 482) 356305

    Email: no_dig@blacksea.net.ua


    Chairman: Victor Prokopchuk

    ESC Member: Olga Martynyuk ({encode=”Olga_marty@ukr.net” title=”Olga_marty@ukr.net”})

    United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology (UKSTT)

    38 Holly Walk

    Leamington Spa


    CV32 4LY


    Tel: +44 (0)1926 330 935

    Fax: +44 (0)1926 330 935

    Email: {encode=”admin@ukstt.org.uk” title=”admin@ukstt.org.uk”}


    Chairman: Colin Tickle ({encode=”admin@ukstt.org.uk” title=”admin@ukstt.org.uk”}) (Tel: 01926 330 935)

    Member Secretary: Val Chamberlain ({encode=”admin@ukstt.org.uk” title=”admin@ukstt.org.uk”}) (Tel: 01926 330 935)

Visit www.istt.com for further information.


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