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American research program is WERF the money

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) of America has accepted proposals for its 2010 Unsolicited Research Program to advance science and technology addressing challenges facing wastewater and stormwater programs.

WERF is providing a total of half a million dollars to fund pioneering research that significantly advances understanding of today’s most pressing water quality issues and provides practical solutions.

Research projects such as this and those run by organisations like the ISTT are a great opportunity for organisations in the trenchless industry to promote the benefits of trenchless science for the environment and the community.

Proposers were invited to submit pre-proposals on topics consistent with WERF’s ongoing efforts to advance research addressing water quality issues as they impact water resources, the atmosphere, the land, and quality of life.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, conveyance systems; wastewater treatment; reuse; solids management; condition assessment and infrastructure management; energy efficiency; decentralised collection and treatment systems; risk assessment and communication; watershed management and water quality; and other emerging issues.

Visit WERF’s website for a list of ongoing, completed, and planned research.

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