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HDD protects salmon in Canada

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) has been selected for a river crossing to extend a sewer line to the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre, in part to protect the start of a sockeye salmon run located in Maple Ridge British Columbia, Canada.

“The crossing is going to be done with directional drilling and it will be done in conjunction with next year’s fisheries window,” said Mayor Ernie Daykin.

Local news sources reported that the Alouette River Management Society raised concerns with the district about construction method used to cross the stream, and the project’s timing.

For the first time in more than 80 years, the group is expecting the start of a salmon run in the river, after trying to rebuild the run for the last several years.

The sewer line is being extended to 256th Street to serve an expanded Fraser Regional Correctional Centre. The provincial government gave Maple Ridge $CN5 million for the project. The district will also benefit because the sewer will service the industrial area at the north end of 256th Street.

Mayor Daykin said it has always been planned to use directional drilling for the crossing rather the temporarily divert the river flow, excavate the bed and lay the pipe in at the bottom.

Maple Ridge is no stranger to HDD as the same approach was used for the storm water pipe beneath 240th Street near Lougheed Highway.

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